Journaler is discontinued

It was a hard decision.

We have discussed for a longer time how we can continue development of Journaler. We really love Journaler, it is like a child to us. But finally we all agreed that we need to let it go.

But don’t be sad! We have decided to open source Journaler! Now all source code of Journaler is available for everyone under very friendly MIT licence. We  hope someone will take this opportunity and make Journaler much better. Full source code is available at GitHub.

And we will still provide support to Journaler users till November 30, 2012. If you have any questions, please send us an email to We will also keep Journaler on the App Store, thus we can provide maintenance updates, if required.

Airstrike Command prepares to soar onto the App Store

Hard Six Games and A25 are proud to announce their forthcoming iPhone action game, Airstrike Command, soon to be released for the Apple iPhone and iOS devices. Airstrike Command is a fun, fast-paced, innovative action game that blends the excitement of the castle defence genre with the line-drawing creativity of time-management games.

Airstrike Command puts players in control of a squadron of warplanes tasked with protecting a small unit of marines who are caught deep in enemy territory and have to fight their way home against all odds. The marines are outnumbered and outgunned – only the player’s quick thinking and precise airstrikes will get them home alive.

Airstrike Command uses the iPhone touch interface to the fullest to truly put the player in command – drawing airstrike paths to destroy enemy units and bring the marines home. The game tells an engrossing story with memorable characters while it delivers pick-up-and-play action in a ground-breaking new genre.

The game will launch with 15 missions and 8 unique unlockable aircraft – more game modes (including Endless Mode and Hardcore Difficulty) and mission are planned in updates that will follow in the weeks after release.

Airstrike Command will be available in late February on the App Store at an introductory price of $0.99/£0.59/€0.79.

Airstrike Command has been in development since the summer of 2010, and is designed and produced by Hard Six Games in conjunction with their development partners A25.

Main menu (pre-release build)In-game dialogue between characters (pre-release build)Gameplay screenshot (pre-release build)Gameplay screenshot (pre-release build)Aircraft loadout screen (pre-release build)In-game dialogue between characters (pre-release build)