Run 3 as Windows service (updated instructions)

After 11 months I offer you the 2nd edition of my instruction how to run 3 as Windows service. Now it is little bit shorter and simpler then previous version (thanks to Rob Hudson for his comment).

I have tried this on Windows Server 2008, but I believe it works on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, because there is no changes related to Windows features in this edition.

You will need:

Follow this steps.
  1. Download and install on your computer.
  2. Download and install Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools.
  3. Read How To Create a User-Defined Service.
  4. Create a service named OpenOfficeService following the instructions above. As the Application registry value use C:Program 3programsoffice.exe.
  5. Add another value to the Parameters key named AppParameters and set it to:
    • -headless -accept=socket,port=8100;urp; -nologo -nofirststartwizard
      if you what to allow accept connections only from localhost,
    • -headless -accept=socket,host=,port=8100;urp; -nologo -nofirststartwizard
      if you what to allow accept connections from any computer.
  6. Start service.
Some notes:
  • To check is our service running from a command prompt do:
    > netstat -anp tcp
    This shoud show a listening on port 8100.
  • If you use firewall, you may need to allow connections to port 8100.