Fix for Google Federated Login API

If you noticed that Google Federated Login stopped working for your service, because a verification request (openid.mode:check_authentication) fails, then most probably it happens because of recent changes on Google side. I couldn’t able to find more information on this than this post by Google employee (?) on Google Groups.

If your service is built on Java and you use openid4java for OpenID, then most probably now login with Google attempts fail with error:

Verification failed for: reason: Direct signature verification failed.

To fix this, you need to reset assoc_handle on your request to Google. To do this, just after you create AuthRequest, set its hander to empty string (not null!).

AuthRequest authReq = manager.authenticate(discovered, "");

Baltic Maps for Android

We are so excited to announce Baltic Maps for Android. Our first Android app we have created in co-operation with our client Jana Seta Map publishers.

Baltic Maps is a mobile browser for maps of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. A free version of Baltic Maps gives you access to original and detailed maps of Baltic states and some basic GPS functionality. There is also available some more features through yearly subscription (can be paid using in-app billing): detailed address search, arial-photo and terrain maps, multipoint routing, and other features.

Baltic Maps is available on Google Play. And don’t forget about iPhone version available on the App Store.



Our new homepage is still under development. We are working on a few new and very exciting projects, thus, we have no time to spend on our homepage.

Meanwhile, you can check out our portfolio. Yes, it is really simple, and it has no any images. But at least you can see what we have done in past, thus, you may image what could do in the future.